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Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.

October 26, 2020

Discussion with Jeremiah Josey

Jeremiah shares about his experience with a dark entity who took over his body during ceremony and taught him about how he created the groundwork for allowing darker energies in. Part of the education of this allowing of darker energies to take over involved passively watching darker or violent movies. We discuss this and our role in allowing darker energies into our experience and how to change that. We talk about the empowering nature of moving from passive involvement with these elements to conscious awareness and decisions based on this awareness. I share what Ayahuasca taught me about the relationship we have with darkness ('the beast within'), how it reveals itself and the importance of responding with love. We talk about the power of love and the possibilities that exist on this planet as a result of this powerful resource.

September 30, 2020

Discussion with Catherine Adunni Mother Jaguar

Catherine shares a powerful story of how she discovered her higher self - the divine within – after she attempted suicide. Later, she discovering Ayahuasca and we discuss the kinds of lessons she learned about the importance of focusing within and self love as a means of healing sexual trauma, anger and improving her life experience. We discuss the how powerful our words and thoughts are, how our inner experience reflects outwards and how innerwork can change this outer experience for the better.

August 25, 2020

Discussion with Nathaniel Perl of Curious Chimps Podcast

Rebecca Hayden and Nathaniel Perl discuss fear and anger among other topics related to integrating Ayahuasca experiences. We discuss our religious introduction to spirituality and the important questions we had at a young age which were never addressed by our religious community but were ultimately addressed by Ayahuasca. We talk about the openness and innocence of children and how important that is and how we are trying to return to that state with the help of Ayahuasca. Nathaniel shares two key experiences that provide insights on the diversity and variety of spiritual paths as well as the temptation of going into fear versus taking a different path into the unknown that will lead to where we really want to go. The alien discussion comes up again along with more insights around emotions and entities that seem to not be emotional. We also talk about our attachments to pain and unhealthy emotions.

July 30, 2020

Discussion with Courtney Burrell

Courtney Burrell and Rebecca Hayden discuss the integrative experience of ongoing dialogues with entities (spiritual and/or alien) and what that’s been like, the gifts it has brought to our lives and how it has helped us to improve our lives. We discuss the stigma around the notion of aliens, the similarities between the experiences we have with Aya, NDE’s and reports of contact with aliens. This is a big subject we may revisit in future episodes but we do cover the nature of the messages we’re getting from them – the power of letting go and how we can change the impact of our history through hypnosis and how much personal power we have. We talk about how this connection has helped us raise our kids in a more free, empowering – less autocratic way and in doing so we’re helping to lay the groundwork for a more progressive society. Through these stories it becomes apparent that these beings – some of which are mentioned by name – have been helping humanity for a long time and continue to do so. The messages and integrative value is very much aligned to the Ayahuasca type messages, teachings and healings.

June 23, 2020

Discussion with Nischala Lindsay Johnson of Ever Rising Life Arts

We begin this episode by discussing illness and spirituality and the judgement and guilt related to the idea of illness being a manifestation of various emotional issues and lessons. We talk about how some of the attitudes around this are throwbacks from some disempowering aspects of religious influences from our past. We also explore the opportunities for spiritual growth that illness presents. We discuss shamanic teachings – where we get them from – ourselves, chosen teachers or our guides/higher levels of consciousness/spirit. We talk about the dangers of putting shamans or anyone on pedestals instead of trusting ourselves and taking responsibility for what we participate in. We also revisit the notion of ‘good guy/bad guy’ themes and how this can ultimately affect us in harmful ways. We talk about how the medicines present to us the fact that what we’re really up against is ourselves not others and how challenging this medicine path can be and also how liberating it is. We end on the subject of focus and manifestation – choosing what we focus on to improve our life experience.


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May 29, 2020

Discussion with Liz Collins of Anahata Healing Arts

The prevailing theme throughout this episode is ‘the ceremony of life’ or that life IS the ceremony. Liz and I discuss difficult ceremonies and compare them to difficult times in our lives and how both can be healing even though they may seem overwhelmingly dark or difficult at the time. Liz shared about early childhood trauma and how Ayahuasca responded to this. We talk about how we respond to difficult periods in our lives, including this one as the pandemic and social distancing continues. We discuss the opportunities to heal and grow during this time and about the way we respond to this will impact us both now and in the future. We also discuss the concept of immunity and how this may be applied both on a physical level but also the parallels we see in terms of exposing us to things that are seen as harmful or poisonous (situations in life) that in the end help us to grow and provide us with gifts in the healing arts.


April 18, 2020

Discussion with Kat Courtney the Afterlife Coach

Kat and Rebecca tackle the subject of how we're responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown. We discuss our own struggles and how we're growing through it. We share the messages Ayahuasca has provided us with regarding this event that will help us use this time well. We talk about our old habits coming up and the importance of becoming aware of our own agendas with respect to our response to this situation and what and most importantly, how we choose to share about it. Both of us have been activists and journalists in the past and we discuss how the medicines have helped us approach things differently now than we did before and the opportunities that we have to respond to this situation in ways that integrate the things we've learned through medicines. Kat talks about speaking her truth and we discuss what that means to us and how we can envision and co-create a different future. Kat shares at the end about what she discovered and learned from her near death experience and provides us with a message that Aya is passing onto us through her. This episode is filled with messages from Ayahuasca as we both felt called to reveal the opportunities that exist to integrate, grow and transform during the pandemic.

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March 25, 2020

Discussion with Spirituality Based Business Coach Beth Weinstein

Beth Weinstein and Rebecca discuss the importance of aligning with our purpose as a matter of wellbeing. Rebecca shares some of the insights she received from her most recent Ayahuasca dieta in Peru and how they relate to this discussion of the wellness aspects of serving our purpose and living a life that reflects who we are. Beth shares her own story of how she was called to help entrepreneurs who are embarking on this journey of pursuing their own purpose-driven path. We discuss the many benefits that come with taking steps towards living a life that is authentic and how the illnesses we experience are sometimes a result of us not doing this. We ultimately talk about all of the possibilities that may come about as a result of the strange situation we now find ourselves in, the importance of envisioning possible positive outcomes and invite everyone to consider opening up to some amazing possibilities that we might not have imagined for ourselves before. Ayahuasca, in itself is compelling evidence that possibilities we couldn’t have conceived of before do in fact exist.

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February 12, 2020

Discussion with Dr. Vedant Arun of Nirvanic Naturals

Dr. Vedant Arun & Rebecca Hayden discuss our relationship with personal power and how that unfolds in our lives. Vedant shares his story of how Ayahusca created a specific path for him to pursue working with a unique healing molecule called C60. During his journey of creating an organization that offers C60, Vedant was able to work through a lot of personal barriers relating to personal power and money. Ayahuasca often sends us on challenging missions that move us outside of our comfort zone but help us to integrate lessons and grow personally and we benefit as a result. Vedant’s story is an excellent example of this and he shares the insights he gained along the way, the tools that presented themselves to help him and the many confirmations he received which continued to provide inspiration and validation. We also discuss our experiences of telepathy and Vedant shares about some of his scientific work around this phenomenon. This work will prove that our thoughts have impact on others and the world around us. It’s fascinating work that impacts all of us on levels we’re not even aware of most of the time. This kind of work has the capacity to change our experience and our world enormously.

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January 29, 2020

Discussion with Carlos Tanner of the Ayahuasca Foundation

On this episode we discuss relationships & acknowledging different perspectives. We talk about raising kids while learning from the medicines, growing with our kids and sharing our beliefs in spirits and other entities based on our lived experiences. We discuss our relationships with plant medicines and how personal and real they are. We discuss ‘giving up’ suffering – habits, illnesses, beliefs that don’t serve us and identifying the reasons we hang onto them – the ‘payoffs’. We venture into the topic of trauma in the body and how Western medicine compartmentalizes treatment of illnesses. We delve into how powerful the mind is in creating our reality, how we can dismantle these constructs – choose not to believe - and how this impacts our experience with plant medicines.

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