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Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.

Discussion with Luis Luna of the Wasiwaska Research Center

September 27, 2019

Luis and I discuss Ayahuasca and our view of reality. Our discussion is at times philosophical and leads into the topic of animistic beliefs both historical and present day representations of this understanding that all things are in some way alive. We use the example of tribes that believe in shape-shifting and extraordinary possibilities of physical transformations and how our early beliefs in life play a role in our reality. Although most of us in the Western world are discouraged from believing in these possibilities, we see representations of this in modern day movies such as Spiderman and Batman and our earliest exposure to these concepts through fairy tales or what we know to be folk tales which reflect a our rich, varied and shared cultural and spiritual history. We talk about how Ayahuasca is playing a role in our relationship with our environment and our evolution.

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