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Ayahuasca Integration Discussions. Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.

Discussion with Spirituality Based Business Coach Beth Weinstein

March 25, 2020

Beth Weinstein and Rebecca discuss the importance of aligning with our purpose as a matter of wellbeing. Rebecca shares some of the insights she received from her most recent Ayahuasca dieta in Peru and how they relate to this discussion of the wellness aspects of serving our purpose and living a life that reflects who we are. Beth shares her own story of how she was called to help entrepreneurs who are embarking on this journey of pursuing their own purpose-driven path. We discuss the many benefits that come with taking steps towards living a life that is authentic and how the illnesses we experience are sometimes a result of us not doing this. We ultimately talk about all of the possibilities that may come about as a result of the strange situation we now find ourselves in, the importance of envisioning possible positive outcomes and invite everyone to consider opening up to some amazing possibilities that we might not have imagined for ourselves before. Ayahuasca, in itself is compelling evidence that possibilities we couldn’t have conceived of before do in fact exist.

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