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Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.

Interview with Giovanni Bartolomeo of Collective Evolution

January 21, 2019

Giovanni describes his profound Ayahuasca experiences in detail including his first one involving a ‘death and rebirth’ experience and the teachings that came with it. He emphasizes the power of surrender and of being the observer in his experiences. We discuss how relationships change for the better after Ayahuasca. We also discuss purging and the fact that there is more to this experience than the physical involving both teachings and healing. We discuss bigger societal messages and the interaction we have with others in these experiences. Giovanni talks about how Ayahuasca guided and inspired him to do some of the great work he does today. We discuss the prevalence of plant medicines throughout the history of some religions and spiritual practices and how many people make significant spiritual connections in other ways.

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