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Ayahuasca Integration Discussions. Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.

September 28, 2021

Discussion with Angela Benck

Angela and I discuss connecting with inner wisdom to make sense of conflicting in–formation. Inner knowing always helps us recognize truth. We offer ideas of ways to connect with what is ‘yes’ or what our own truth feels like in our body or in our experience. We discuss how this is an exciting time as it is an invitation to grow beyond where we’re at now. We liken this time to the great detox and what we often experience as the Herxheimer reaction when we’re making progress. We talk about the importance of joy and allowing ourselves to feel this as a means to take us to a healthier state. Learning and growing can be joyful. We can achieve accelerated growth if we embody the lessons and principles we offer our children. We agree on how powerful it is to focus on the things that make us feel good and inspired, how this improves our inner state, which reflects outward. When we focus on what we wish to unfold in our lives, we at times will come up against how we get in our way, and this is the work of the healing path to achieve those things. We talk about the fact that when we aren’t ready to do this kind of work that the opportunities will continue to present themselves in our lives until we are ready or until we do. We talk about defensiveness, what we can learn from it and how we can respond in better ways that lead to better outcomes.

August 30, 2021

Discussion with Shannon Hernandez of Great Spirit Farm

Shannon & I discuss our current social polarization as an opportunity for us to confront and heal some underlying issues that have impacted our social experience for a long time. We talk about control stemming from fear and the conditioning legacy that is revealed through typical childhood and parenting experiences. We provide examples of how we can change this and how we can approach this time in a way that may help us to bring about a more harmonious existence. We talk about labels, how dehumanizing they can be and how much more we are than these limiting descriptions of a whole person.

July 29, 2021

Discussion with Luc Van Poelje of Psychedelic Insights

We discuss our experiences of inner & outer conflict and the opportunities that lie in the provoking experiences all around us today. We talk about how psychedelic and spiritual experiences reveal to us that our inner experience or state reflects outwards and how we manifest opportunities to learn, sometimes in the form of events or people in our lives who challenge us in uncomfortable ways. Luc talks about fear as the driver of all aggression and how this understanding may bring us closer to responding in healthier ways to controversial events. As always we talk about the power of love and how we continue to return to this wisdom to help us navigate difficult times.

June 22, 2021

Discussion with Maya Abou Chedid

Maya and I discuss the healing process in these times of upheaval. We talk about upheaval and provocation as part of the healing process and an aspect of shamanic healing that we have experienced personally and that we see playing out in the world today. We discuss world events as seen through the lens of a healing process. We share our own journeys that involve trauma, victimhood and ultimately, choosing to stand in our power. We explore our relationship with power, recognizing where we're at with it and changing it to facilitate the emergence from victimhood into personal power. In this discussion we explore the topics of trauma, victimhood, free will, personal power & love.

May 25, 2021

Discussion with John Folak Aka ‘The Traveling Nobody’

Our discussion centres around things falling apart so that they can be recreated in a better way – the concept of rebirth playing out in our lives and in the integrative process. Instead of looking at depression as an illness, we explore the idea of seeing depression and other difficult states as an indicator or signal telling us that change is needed and underway. Depression is often a natural reaction to unhealthy experiences and events coming to a head. We talk about the integration process as becoming who we are and living authentically. We discuss practical situations we have encountered in our work life and how we applied what we learned with medicines to these experiences both in work interviews, in the workspace and ultimately choosing careers that reflect who we are and lend themselves to living an authentic life. We talk about the importance of allowing that inner voice and knowing to drive our experience rather than outside influences which have led us in directions that don’t always serve us well.

We discuss how we learn lessons along the way and become comfortable with ‘making mistakes’. We relate stories that illustrate how humour can assist us through these challenging learning experiences – a form of ‘educational entertainment’. We talk about the value of open curiosity and how everything that happens in life is a response to our intentions and where we’re at. Ultimately, being in a state of love is what will help us to manifest more positive experiences in our lives.

April 10, 2021

Discussion with Jonathan Dickinson of Ceiba Ibogaine

Jonathan and Rebecca discuss different approaches to psychedelics: clinical, traditional and the many variations of these practices. Jonathan voices concerns about clinical set and setting and the implications of this with respect to the clinical approach to psychedelics and plant medicines. We talk about the idea of having a relationship with the medicines and how this concept may not be adopted by everyone. We agree that we’re all just finding our way with these phenomenal medicines and that one size does not fit all. We talk about how the DSM identifies mental conditions/illness decided based on a collection of symptoms, how this is now being questioned and how psychedelic medicines open us up to seeing these states and conditions differently and most importantly, what contributes to these unhealthy states. We talk about how psychedelics are often the beginning of us understanding ourselves better and how our life experiences and the way we live in the world has brought us to these unhealthy states of being. Instead of a miracle cure, although these experiences are truly magical, miraculous and transformative in many ways, they are often the beginning of a transformation that takes work that can last the rest of one’s life. We discuss the tremendous value of psychedelic experiences that not only offer individually transformative opportunities but also offer us different perspectives & changes in our worldview that may change the way that we approach our lives which is transforming our collective way of being for the better.

March 8, 2021

Discussion with Tanya Lynn of Sistership Circle

In honour of International Women's Day, Tanya and Rebecca discuss the rise of the divine feminine as a healing and growing experience for both men and women as we all have both qualities and have favoured the masculine over the feminine to our own detriment. We discuss stepping into our power and approaching this time of social discord as an opportunity for us to learn and grow into a place where we can accept if not embrace everyone’s unique points of view as the medicines teach us to appreciate our uniqueness. We talk about how children embody such wonderful divine masculine and divine feminine qualities and represent an opportunity to cultivate a greater balance of these qualities within our society. 

February 23, 2021

Discussion with Sami Scebba

Sami and I talk about learning through our experiences post Ayahuasca and situations that arise at times (such as covid) to give us the opportunity to create better states of being. We talk about constructs and the flexible nature of reality. Sami talks about connecting with a spiritual presence. He shares a story about seeing a future, very powerful version of himself in a hypnosis journey – the healer within and the fact that becoming that person is the journey he is on. We discuss the responsive nature of these experiences and of reality itself. Themes: acceptance - letting go – surrender – resistance – personal power – value – listening - patience – changing limiting beliefs.

January 19, 2021

Discussion with Greg Lake of entheoconnect.com

Greg shares how before plant medicines, he struggled with addictions then discovered psilocybin and through this, he began to heal and journey with other medicines including Ayahuasca. He talks about how Bufo and Ayahuasca inspired him to create an online platform called entheoconnect.com for all entheogen explorers to connect and interact safely in an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the medicines. We talked about the challenges in general after medicine experiences coming into the social fray and how much more difficult it is these days. We talk about responding to the social divisions, conflict and chaos by applying the lessons we learn through medicines and how this is an opportunity for us to start to interact with one another in healthier ways despite our differences. We talk about the wisdom of focusing on and remembering the many more things we have in common – our common goals of health, peace, love, happiness and freedom. Although we might have different ideas as to how to achieve/maintain these states, we look forward to exploring ways to create new opportunities together. We talk about the importance of being and remaining open. It's not only the underlying common gift that Ayahuasca offers us but it may also be the key to achieving all of our common goals even though we may do it in different ways. Greg welcomes assistance with this new online social platform project, which he and his partner plan to launch in March of this year. On this platform, there will be opportunities to participate in scientific studies surrounding medicines/psychedelics and there will be a variety of integration coaches, tools and modalities to explore.

December 20, 2020

Discussion with Tim Sae Koo of 1Heart Accelerator

Tim and I take stock of this year and its challenges and how we can use many of the things we've learned through Ayahuasca to meet these challenges. We discuss the inspiring possibilities that exist in this time of transition or incubation. We talk about how we're sharing a global experience and how some of the events we're seeing in the world reflect issues we need to work on personally and how we can grow through it. We bring the concept of creating our own reality into the discussion to help us gain perspective and to help us consider how we can use this time to reinvent ourselves in a more authentic, loving and empowering way. Tim brings his years of entrepreneurial experience into the discussion and shares his vision of how we can approach business in a way that serves us all. We talk about regarding this global situation as a massive wake up opportunity. We also discuss the divisions we're seeing as an opportunity for us to work on accepting and respecting everyone's unique reality as well as reminding ourselves of the important underlying universal commonalities and the deep reality of love underlying all of it.